Considering I have said I wasn't going to be able to dedicate much time to blogging, and considering the fact that my friends would tell you I never update my original blog, or comment on theirs, why in the world would I start a second?!?

It's simple, really.

Imagination has little to no bounds, does it? Or at least, one might say it has the potential for being boundless. It is imagination that has put men on the moon, and given us so many other accomplishments, far too many to mention. Yet so often, we seem unable, or unwilling, to truly tap into the limitless expanse of our imaginations, instead plodding along, day after day like automatons.

    We get up.
    We get ready for work or school.
    We go to work or school.
    We come home.
    We eat dinner.
    We go to sleep.
    Etc., etc., etc.
Yet occasionally we see something out of the ordinary. Something that breaks up our monotony. C&C Music Factory said "it's the things that make you go hmmmm..." "Things" such as the feeling of déjà vu, inexplicable coincidences and other interesting patterns or ironies. Sometimes it might be something real minor, like how meaning can change drastically based on individual perspective or interpretation.

I like these things. I like to note them, analyze them and share them. In The Matrix, Trinity explains to Neo that déjà vu signified a "glitch in the Matrix". Well, glitch or not, it makes for cool reflections.

So what was I saying about "imagination"? Well, I think we find that some of these "hmmmm things" force us to stretch our imaginations a little bit. Perhaps some of them warrant a lot of stretching.

(Incidentally, I know that "twilight" is misspelled...that was intentional... "Twilit-zoned" just didn't seem to look as cool. Plus, then "twlight" becomes "twighlit" with no more, no less characters.)


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Wow, this is gay!


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