My son and I were watching Whose Line Is It Anyway? on ABC Family yesterday when they played a game called "Questionable Impressions." In this game, the four players had to speak only in questions while doing impressions of someone. If they didn't speak in the form of a question, (or if Drew Carey didn't like their impression), they would get buzzed out. For some reason, we had the closed captions on on the TV, and when Ryan Stiles came out at one point, the captions erroneously said "[imitating Rich Little]..."

"That's not Rich Little," I said to him, "that's Christopher Lloyd. You know - the guy that played Jim Ignatowski on Taxi, and 'Doc' Brown on Back to the Future."

Well I'll be darned if the next commercial we saw wasn't for "Back to the Future" airing later this week on ABC Family.


Blogger KingUnbeliever said...

Rich little was an impersonator, so any impersonation is imitating Rich Little? If so then who did he imitate? hmmmmm


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