Wednesday Night P.A.L.

Tonight I was watching Psychic At Large on Sci-Fi Network. If you've ever seen the show, you know she usually starts out her readings by asking people, "is there someone with an 'S' in their name in your life?" Then they (invariably) say "yes," at which point she guesses another letter, and then, usually, the complete name. Well tonight, as I started watching part of the episode, I thought, "now who would she contact for me?" Well, the first person that came to mind was my Grandma Anne, who died around a year ago. Well the very next person Char spoke to was a saleswoman in a clothing store. Char started out by asking her the usual questions:
    "Is there a person with an 'A' in their name in your life?"
    "Yes," came the response.
    "Is the next letter in their name an 'N'?" she asked?
    "Yes," the saleswoman repeated.
Well, it turned out the person Char was speaking of was an "Anthony," but I hope you can see my point...



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