Churro, Anyone?

I haven't heard talk of churros in a long time. Then, this evening, (Friday), I saw a commercial with Danica Patrick where she keeps beating smart-ass kids at a racing video game. She then beats an "adult" guy who asks her if she wants to get some churros. She tells him no, (in some manner), and he leaves.

But wait! That's not the end of the story...

Later, I watched Herbie Fully Loaded, where Michael Keaton's character references getting a churro, ("Hey, I sprung for the churros").

Nothing...nothing...nothing... Then, BAM! - twice in one night!

I have often thought, or discussed with others, the idea that we are more attuned to certain words, concepts, whatever, after we've experienced them once in a recent time frame. But whether or not there's any relevance to this kind of experience, I still find it intriguing.


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