'Burger King' Connection

Alright, this is pretty weak, but since it's been a while, I'll add it anyway.

This past weekend, I was watching late night TV with the kids. During a commercial, one of those ridiculous Subway commercials with Jon Lovitz came on, ("Eat frrresh"? WTF is that?!? The way he rolls his "r"s, it sounds more like he's saying "eat flesh!" Little subliminal message there?).

Anyway, I changed it as BP was saying, "two commercials I don't like are the Jon Lovitz subway commercials and the Eggo Waffle commercials."

I asked, "you mean the ones with the little waffle guys in red tights running around?"

"Yes, those ones," she responded.

"But of course I know you love the 'Burger King' commercials with the Freaky King," I joked. (I know she doesn't like those, but I sure do!)

So, as I continued to channel surf while waiting for the Subway commercial to end, we came upon a show on VH1 called Supergroup. (No comments on how crappy the show probably was, no matter who they got to star on the thing.)
So someone, (not one of the musicians, apparently), had on a T-shirt with the old Burger King logo, only instead of "Burger King," it said "Buried Alive." (I think that's a band or something? Um...hint: don't do Google searches for the phrase "buried alive" - even if you include "Burger King" and "t-shirt". 'Nuff said.)>
Ya' see? I told you it was weak.


Blogger The Donald said...

Yeah, the Freaky Burger King, King is friggin wierd. Now he is playing NFL football, and making tackles - yeah, right.

I liked it better when he was in bed with people, or peaking through their windows, but NFL? Please.... I think he is out of his league.

Now, what's up with the "Big Buuuuuuucking Chicken"?


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