'Headstones' Connection

Man! Why does this stuff always happen? Does it happen to you too? Or is it just me?

I just posted on "MRBlog" about half an hour ago or so while watching an episode of John Doe on Sci-Fi Network. The post was about headstones. Then, at the end of John Doe, he goes to visit the grave site and headstone of a woman who he feels may be his mother. The camera shows you the name, dates, and inscription on the headstone. The woman's name was Elizabeth Menzogna. The name isn't important. I just mention it in case it helps anyone remember the episode.

Pretty interesting, huh?

And to think, I was going to post a relevant quote from one of the characters in the episode, but had decided against it because I didn't think I had the quote 100% correct. But now, I feel I must. It's from Karen Kawalski who said something to John to the effect of, "the only reason I haven't scat out of here screaming bloody murder is because all this weirdness has to make sense."

So does it? Does it make sense? Does it have to? No, I'm not talking about John Doe. Well, sense or no, I'll keep posting 'em as I see 'em. I hope they mean something to others besides myself.


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