'The Doors' Connection

One day last week, as hAd and I were walking through the building we're in part time, past all the staff that were packing up their schtuff for their impending move, I started singing. (I do that sometimes.) The situation seemed so final, what with all the filled boxes and empty shelves and such, so I started singing The Doors' "The End," ("this is the end, my only friend the end"). This got me thinking, and I posed the question to "hAd": where would artists like Jim Morrison (& The Doors) and Jimi Hendrix be if they were alive today? Would they be playing halftime shows at the Super Bowl?

Well shortly thereafter, we got out to the parking lot and into his truck to drive up to our other building. A minute or so after getting in, he turned up the volume on his radio to hear Mr. Morrison crooning "mister mojo risin" from "L.A. Woman" on a local radio station.


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