'Horse Racing' Connection

As mentioned previously, I had another Casino Night event this weekend, Saturday. But the thing was, I had requested both Saturday's event as well as Sunday's. However, the initial reply to my requests was that they had all the staff they needed for Saturday, but Sunday was a lock. A couple days later, however, I received an e-mail indicating that they had a cancellation for Saturday, so I could work then as well. By the time I responded to the e-mail, it had been filled, but a little bit later, another cancellation provided me with the opportunity yet again. This time, I was confirmed. Then, at the end of Saturday's event, Sunday's was cancelled due to inclement weather. (Are you following so far?) So why was I there? Why did I get that opporunity to work Saturday after all? Possibly so that they could tell me of another opportunity to work an event Monday night. An event that I had signed up for, but had been told again, that all spots were filled. But that Saturday, I found out there had been, yes, a cancellation. So, after the end of Saturday's event, a quick 20 minute training session later, and I was ready for Monday's event: a series of video-taped horse races where the event participants are able to make bets. My first such event. So far now, I've dealt Blackjack, Poker, Slots, even worked the "Bounce" at an outdoor carnival for this company, but this will be my first "horse race" event.

So where am I going with this?

Tonight, on Sci-Fi Network, (yes, that station again), I watched an episode of John Doe. Apparently, it was a repeat of the series pilot, though I've never seen it before. It was my first time watching the series, and it happened to be a replay of the first episode. Many firsts now. Anyway, early on in the episode, when John figures out his abilities, he scrounges up some change from phone booths and vending machines and heads...? That's right: to the race track. Horse races, to be precise.



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