Start Spreading The Coals...

...I'm Eating Today...

An observation from hcff, (correct me if I'm wrong on any of this, hcff):

"overnights" went to get some steaks for dinner last week, Friday. Then, that evening, they discussed plans for an upcoming anniversary trip to New York. Later, as they were getting dinner ready, they noticed that the steaks she had purchased were New York Strip. Hmmm... "New York Trip" ... "New York Strip" ... ? (You can see her reference to it here.) Add to this the fact that they had recently received an e-mail from a steakhouse they had eaten at when on their honeymoon in Washington DC and had talked about how they would like to eat there when they went to New York. Interesting connections...

Alright, hcff, I know I may have missed some of the detail, as it's been a few days since we first talked about this. Want to expand at all?


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