'Broken Foream Gag' Connection

You know that thing that people do with their arm sometimes, to make it appear "broken?" Where you stick an arm straight out to the side at the shoulder, then let it hang straight down loosely at the elbow? Then hit the hand with the other hand and let the forearm swing back and forth, or all the way around, as if there is no resistance? (If you don't know...ask me some time, and perhaps I'll show you.) So when was the last time you did that, or saw someone do it? It's probably been a while, right?

Well tonight, when my daughters were playing in their room, I went in to check on them. My youngest was standing on the bunk bed ladder when she slipped off. She said she was alright, (as she lay on the ground), but that her arm hurt a little. She then stood up and did that very trick with her arm. (Mind you, she's only 4½ years old.)

Then later on that evening, we were watching a movie I had picked out, My Favorite Brunette, starring Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour. In one part of the movie, after Hope's character gets handled a little roughly by Lon Chaney, Jr.'s character, Hope does the exact same thing!

Now add to this the fact that a couple of us did this just this past week at work!

Interesting, hmmm?


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