'Rice Krispies' Connection

Earlier tonight, JL was telling BP about an upcoming episode of Food Network's Challenge show, in which the contestants' "challenge" is to build things with Rice Krispie treats. Then later, (10:30 PM), I was watching an episode of Family Guy on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, in which Cleveland receives reparations from a white family for crimes against his ancestors. Now the family is poor white trash, however, so they give him what they can afford: homemade Rice Krispie treats.

A further point of interest. As the Charter On Demand menu which had been up on my TV just now, slowly started exiting out to previous menus, and then finally back to the channel that had been on, it exited out to none other than that very episode of Family Guy. That's not a huge deal, however, since many of these stations replay earlier episodes later on in the evening, but still pretty cool. In fact, that part of the episode is on at this very second as I type, (2:12 AM): "this tray of scrumptious Rice Krispie treats."


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