'Skee-ball' Connection

Yesterday at work, The Donald and I were in a meeting together. Quite uncharacteristically, (HA!), he began to doodle. (Heh heh.) Anyway, I was seeing the early stages of his artwork and had a theory on what it was going to be. I looked at him inquiringly, and he quickly completed the sketch. I was incorrect in what I thought, but I wrote it on his page right above the picture: "Skee-ball". A minor discussion ensued, the details of which are not relevant to this post. However, later on that evening, I was watching an episode of Futurama on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. In one part of the episode, (entitled "Three Hundred Big Boys"), Kif tells Amy that he had spent part of his $300 refund on a present for her. After she opens it, the talking tattoo she had acquired with her own refund says, "Oooh! Looks like someone won big at Skee-ball!", (rough quote).

All this, and the meeting had continued on in the background...


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