'Van Gogh+' Connection

Went to CM's "Back-to-School Night" at his school this evening. While in his Engineering class, I noticed a picture on the wall of the Vincent Van Gogh self portrait pictured at the right. Later that night, while watching Unwrapped on Food Network, they had a preview of an upcoming segment where someone made "edible art," (or something like that), and one of the examples they showed...? That same picture!
Then, even more interesting, (to me...): later on, when we all settled down to watch some Dick Van Dyke episodes. Specifically, No Rice at My Wedding, and Draw Me a Pear.

In "No Rice at My Wedding," Clark Rice brings Laura back to the USO Girls Sitting room, and we see a painting, (bordered in red at left), by another famous artist from around that period. (Darned if I can't remember who that artist was. Was it Lautrec? Renoir? Manet? I don't believe it was Van Gogh or Monet... Can anyone help me out here?)
Then, finally, the "Draw Me a Pear" episode is about none other than Rob and Laura attending art/painting classes.


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