Otis Redding Connection

So it's Friday night and the wife and I are watching some TV. Flipping through the channels I get to Road House. It just started so I decided to keep it on the channel. When Patrick Swayze and Kelly Lynch have sex for the first time, Mr. Swayze turns the radio on and These Arms of Mine by Otis Redding is playing. Best wife ever commented that this song was in Dirty Dancing, also with Patrick Swayze.

Now maybe that could be enough for an entry into this blog, but then an additional connection happened.

Tonight while watching TV nothing was on so I popped in the next disc for season 2 of Lost. We have been watching season 2 on DVD trying to catch up for the premiere of Season 3 on Oct 4th. So the episode we started watching is called S.O.S where the background story of two lesser characters so far is revealed. In their flashback Rose is stranded in snow and Bernard helps get her car out. The song on the radio in her car is faint, but is definately "These Arms of Mine". The song also appears later in the episode.


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