Welcome To My New Team Members

I would like to formally welcome my newest team members to the blog; those that have already accepted the invitation, (KingUnbeliever and Robguy), and those for whom I am still waiting, (Mandiejolander and The Donald). I trust that they will have plenty of interesting stories and observations to add to this blog!

  • 20060922 - And now...Kari!


Blogger Kari said...

Hey...how come I don't get to be part of the team? I feel so defeated!

Blogger KarTunes said...

Aww, don't feel defeated. I told your hubby I had thought about it, and that I figured you'd give me some grief about it. I needed an e-mail addy to which to send the invite, and for you, I was sadly deficient in that area. If you would care to provide said addy, I would be honored to remedy post-haste. (I can just get it from hubby too.)

Blogger Kari said...

my husband knows my email. but i'll tell you. it's my first name, last name, 05 at yahoo.

simple, huh?


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