Elmo *Shudder* Connection

So on my blog I linked a story detailing a new line of Xbox games featuring The King from Burger King. In the intro I said how Elmo and the King creep me out. Less than two hours later I go up with co-workers to get a soda from the cafeteria and there is a picture of Elmo ont he front page of the newspaper.

So much for sleeping peacefully tonight....


Blogger KarTunes said...

Damn, KU...I searched all over for an archive of that news article that we saw, but came up empty. I remember it had a pic of Kevin Clash and Elmo together on the front. (Who knew that that adorable little red fluff-ball was voiced by a 6-foot tall black man with a baritone voice?)

Anyway, I was hoping that this might serve a close second:


(What's that Doc? You say I've just woken up after being comatose for 6 months? Thank you, God! Thank... Huh...? Whuzzat...? Oh, God, no! Make it stop! Aaauuuggghhh!!!

Beep... beep... beeeeeeeeeeeeeee...)


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