Olivia D'Abo Connection

So I have finally got my blogger password reset thank to my wife. Yesterday I posted on my blog about watching Batman Beyond and being amazed at the list of people who contributed their voices to the show. I also listed all the names that I recognized.

Now a couple names I recognized were ones that maybe not everyone would recognize, (like Miguel Sandoval) or ones I did recognize but off the top of my head I couldn't remember what they were in. (specifically I thought of Olivia D'Abo) I promised myself that I would look some of those up at a later time.

Fast Forward to a few hours later and I decided to catch up on some shows on my DVR. Since I had three Eureka shows saved, I started watching those. At the start of the second show, who else is in it, but Olivia D'Abo, playing the ex-wife of the main character.

On a side note, I recognized Oliva D'Abo's name from Conan the Destroyer!


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