'Scrubs/IMDb' Connection(s)

I watched the usual block of Scrubs this evening. We were watching something on TLC from 10:00 to 11:00, so I didn't get to watch the 10:30 episode on WGN, channel 13, but saw the 11:00 episode on WGN, and the 11:30 episode on The CW, channel 15. The 11:00 episode was My New Old Friend, from Jan 2003, and the 11:30 episode was My Friend the Doctor, from Dec 2003. ("Friend" in both titles.) In the former, there is a scene where the Janitor steals some of J.D.'s scrubs to pretend to be a doctor at his son's class' career day. Later, J.D. envisions the Janitor telling the class that his name is "Dr. Jan Itor." In the latter episode, there was a part where J.D. sees the Janitor in a scene from The Fugitive. Of course this made me wonder whether or not Neil Flynn had really been in the movie, or if it was something they "doctored up," (no pun intended), for Scrubs. To the Web! Specifically, IMDb. Search for Scrubs, then follow the Neil Flynn link. Sure enough, he was in the movie. While on Neil's page, I decided to look at his bio/trivia. One piece of trivia states the following:
His "Scrubs" (2001) character has been named only possibly twice. In episode #3x08, "My Friend the Doctor," it is revealed that the Janitor played the part of "Transit cop" in The Fugitive (1993), a part that was actually played by Neil Flynn. Because of that, fans have speculated that the Janitor's mysterious name is also Neil Flynn. In another episode (in one of J.D.'s fantasies), the janitor is talking to his son's class in school and refers to himself as Jan Ítor.
(It goes on to mention that the Janitor refers to himself by that name in thought in another episode.) So, it just so happens, that the two unrelated episodes aired on two separate stations, happen to be the two that share a connection of the Janitor's mysterious unknown name.

  • Two separate Scrubs episodes on two channels, each with "Friend" in the title
  • Above episodes happen to be the 2 that shed some possible insight into the Janitor's name

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