Promising Movie?

I saw a teaser trailer on TV tonight for a new movie, The Number 23, starring Jim Carrey. It looked pretty cool, and right up my alley. Then I checked out a longer trailer. Looks a bit more freaky than the teaser made it seem, but still feel like it's gonna be a "must see." See what you think...

  • 20070124 - Very interesting... I was going to post an update stating that this morning I was realizing how particularly apropos this movie might be for me, as my favorite two numbers are 2 and 3. When I launched Internet Explorer to blog, it came up to my default home page, (haven't bothered to change it from the OEM default). When I looked at the cycling headlines, I was confronted with the following text:
    The Tax We Hate the Most: Now 23 Million Will Have to Pay AMT...
    Ya' see that?!? 23?!?


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