'Circle/Slash' Connection

I was working tonight on an acquaintance's computer: backing up data, installing Windows XP, restoring data, etc. Well, of course, those that know me would know that I would set up the main profile of that machine as a non-Administrator, and tell this family that they should only use the Administrator account when absolutely necessary, (i.e. installing software, etc.) So I thought, "I should change the default Welcome screen icon for the Administrator account to something like a red circle with a slash through it to help warn them to stay out of the profile. I did a quick search for that graphic in Google and found a match. I saved that graphic to the hard drive and made that the profile icon associated with the Administrator account. A Few seconds later, I looked over the monitor into the living room, where I still had the TV on from earlier. It was now late night programming when all the crappy "Paid Programming" comes on, (oh my freaking God do I hate when that happens!!!) So, this particular commercial was for an acne product of some kind, but it showed an image of a red circle with a slash through it super-imposed over someones acne-riddled face.

  • Two different instances of the red circle with a slash image around a minute apart

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