Birth Dates Connection

Mandiejolander came into town on Saturday. She wanted me to text her my phone number for her to call when she was ready to head out for a couple beers with the group. I sent her a text but it doesn't always work on my phone. I ended up calling her just to make sure.

Later as I was talking to her about it, she looked on her phone to see if she got it and noticed a blank text message from "unknown" at 8:22, which is her birthday. I looked at my phone and the time I sent my text message at 8:28. She asked me what time my phone said compared to hers to see if they were 6 minutes off. I looked at the time on my phone which was 10:29, my birthday.


Blogger K said...

Whoa. Freaky!

Blogger K said...

Whoa. Freaky!

Blogger The Donald said...

8x2=16, and 16x2=32, or 23 backwards...for those who have seen the movie 23.


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