'Richard Burgi' Connection, (or 'Fun With Dick...')

Sunday night the family rented Fun With Dick and Jane. The guy that played the neighbor, Joe, with the voice-activated car looked familiar to me, though I couldn't quite place from where. Alas, when the credits rolled, I forgot to get his name.

Next, my son, (CM), and I decided to watch some Seinfeld episodes from the DVD collection. We were on the last disc of season 5, and I was asking him how far he'd gotten into it with me.

    "Did you see 'The Hamptons,'" I asked, "with the 'shrinkage' and the ugly baby?"
He had seen it in syndication, it was determined, though not on the DVD. He hadn't seen it's successor, The Opposite either.
    "Wait a minute!" I thought to myself, grabbing my laptop for a quick IMDb search.
    "What are you doing?" CM asked.
    "I'm checking something out," I answered. "If I find what I think I'm going to find, it will be pretty cool.
Sure enough, Richard Burgi, that played neighbor Joe Cleeman in "Fun With Dick and Jane," was also Doctor Ben Feffa in the Seinfeld episode, "The Hamptons". (Yes, he's been in a lot of other things, but nothing that applied so directly to the moment.)


Blogger Robguy said...

When I read "Fun with Dick" I was hoping for something more exciting.

Blogger KingUnbeliever said...

Just started watching 24 and when I saw his name I knew it sounded familiar!


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