'Wizard of Oz' Experience

I watched The Wizard of Oz tonight with the kids. I was talking with BP about how Frank Morgan actually played a bunch of roles in the movie when I decided to get the laptop and IMDb it. When the movie was done, I still had IMDb up, so I looked at the full credits. Talk about a list that goes on and on...! As I looked at the list I began to wonder about all these people. If any of them were still around, whether or not they'd been in anything else besides "Wizard," etc. I finally stopped scrolling about halfway down the list and decided to pick a random name. I chose Lois January, credited on IMDb as "Woman Holding Cat in Emerald City/Manicurist." Imagine my surprise when I discovered that she just died, a little over a month ago! What are the odds that I would click on one name out of a list of 196 cast members from a 1939 production and find someone who will still alive until just a month ago? Well, you could find out those odds if you wanted to go through all 196 names and find out when they died, but I don't want to do that. I'll just be happy with my "experience" here.


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