'Commode' Connection

(Originally drafted 10/28/2006 @ 02:10 AM, but since Blogger seemed to be having problems for much of the weekend, you get it now, 2 days later...)

We've been having some problems at home lately with the upstairs toilet leaking in the back of the tank. So this morning I received the following e-mail at work from JL:
Do you want to go buy a new toilet tonight, so we can try installing it tomorrow.
Or do you want me to go get one today? Or not at all?

I replied:
Let's talk about it when I get home. Perhaps we can go find just the right commode together.

Then tonight, I was flipping through the channels and came upon some show on HGTV where the host said something about an upcoming segment where they would look at commodes.

Admit it: it's not a word you hear all the time. At least not in my part of the world. But then to hear it twice in one day?

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