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Tonight, we watched Law & Order: SVU, (co-)starring, (among other people), B.D. Wong. I don't watch it often, but if JL turns it on and I'm around, I'll watch it. Tonight's episode was one entitled Influence, where a girl is found to suffer from Bipolar Disorder. Later, her parents explain that they knew she took her medicine regularly, because they used to count her pills to make sure. (Still later, they use that same technique in determining that she is not taking her meds.)

Later on, I watched Stay, starring Ewan McGregor. In one scene of the movie, he is checking up on his girlfriend, who had previously attempted suicide, making sure she was taking her medicine by counting her pills. Wow! Oh, and who is that in a number of scenes of the movie? None other than Mr. B.D. Wong himself.

  • Counting pills to check up on people,
  • B.D. Wong

    Blogger Alan said...

    First of all, Law & Order in all its glorious versions completely rocks. Except maybe Trial By Jury.

    Secondly, if BD ever shows up in my neighborhood, I'll make sure I take my meds. You won't have to count.



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