"No Account" Connection

Today I had someone from work come with me when I was getting comics. On our way there he lets me know that he'll need to stop at an ATM before we get there because he doesn't have any money. So I stop at a bank, which was the first place with a sign for an ATM. We get to the ATM and it isn't giving him any money, so he wants to go inside. He starts filling out a withdrawl form and I joke with him about withdrawing money out of this bank without having an account. He lets me know that he has an account with this bank, but one that he doesn't use often after changing banks.

So we go up to the counter and the teller is typing stuff in and getting a confused look. She lets us know that she needs to make a call because of a weird error message she is seeing. We ask what it is and it is a closed account message. The person on the other end of the phone says she can ignore it and give him the money.

So this was a double connection. Not only did he have an account at the random bank I stopped at, after I made fun of him taking money out without an account the computers seemed to think that was the case

Additional note: By the way he took out $40 dollars and when he got his receipt he saw that the balance was "-$1.48", so he had to put back in $20 of that. Wouldn't you think that a teller would let you know you were over withdrawing before giving you the money? Maybe that is why he left that bank.....


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