Mountain Dew Connection

I used to drink Mountain Dew before I went on a diet last year. After a couple months without it I couldn't even take a drink of Mountain Dew as it became too strong. Last Thursday I was getting a soda from the vending machine before a meeting and I went to hit #45 on the machine to get a Diet Pepsi but I didn't hit the 5 square on and it slipped onto 4 which 44 was a Mountain Dew. So I took it into the meeting as I didn't have any more change.

Friday comes around and I am in Iowa running a Star Wars game a Fields of Honor. As part of the reward for running a game, the convention gives each Judge 2 free items from the snack bar. We had 4 judges on our game so one of them just took all 8 tickets and got 4 drinks and 4 snack foods and brought it around in a bag. When he got to me all that was left was a Mountain Dew to drink.

So I had 2 Mountain Dews in 2 days both not of my choice after nearly 16 months of not having one.


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