'Honey-Bun...' Connection

(Originally drafted 10/28/2006 @ 02:23 AM, but since Blogger seemed to be having problems for much of the weekend, you get it now, 2 days later...)

Went out for lunch today, (taped another episode), with KU and RG. TD and "Pete," (sorry...no blog, that he'll admit to...), weren't able to come in to work, or join us for lunch today. However, their roles were filled quite capably by Kari and GO, (I know...his blog's not much better off than Pete, with nothing).

Near the end of lunch, we were asking RG about his doggie that had not been feeling well last week. He told us that the little guy was doing much better and explained to us that this particular pooch was nicknamed his "Honey-Bunny." (Yeah, I know...but that's RG for you.)

When I got home this evening, I was playing some Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Game Cube with my youngest. When we started the game, the character that greeted us, (it's often different), was a little bunny named Gabi that called us "honeybun."

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