'Incubus' Connection(s)

Went to Bowl-A-Vard Friday evening to help celebrate Gertie's thirty(-eth...it rhymes...) b-day. I got there a little later than others due to another commitment. Anyway, when I got there, I heard Incubus' "Drive" playing on the juke, (awesome song, of course). I found hcff who proceeded to tell me "I was just saying 'I wish you were here,'" (coincidentally, another great Incubus song, though I do not believe it was hcff's intent to make the connection, and I myself didn't do so until just now). (OK, perhaps I'm taking some liberties with the exact quote, but certainly the basic premise was the same. And I might not be taking liberties -- I can't remember the exact quote!) Anyway, the reason that he was thinking of me during that song is because at a previous company, (not bureau), Christmas party, complete with Karaoke, I had found the courage (too late) to sing a(nother -- we rocked da house, mjl) song and had requested "Drive." When I told him about the request, he was jazzed, and was willing to go up and sing it with me. However, I had submitted my request too late, and was never called. Oh well, we later sang it in his car once, but it's not the same without the crowd, is it?

So the connection? Song plays, he wishes I was there to hear it, in I come. Get it?



Blogger Kari said...

Hmm is right on that one....or should i say "hmm??"


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