'Mandolin' Connection

Tonight after work, I went to CM's school to watch his Ultimate Frisbee team play their 2nd game. (They didn't win, but they had a good time trying.) Anyway, when the game was over, JL and I talked to some of the other parents that we've known for a long time. One of the Moms introduced us to a Dad of one of the kids on the team. After the Dad had left, she told us that he's a very good mandolin player. Of course, my mind immediately went to Bruce Hornsby and the Range and their single "Mandolin Rain":
    Listen to the mandolin rain
    Listen to the music on the lake
    Listen to my heart break every time she runs away
(Sorry...I don't do links to lyrics pages because those sites are notoriously terrible with pop-ups!)

Anyway, some 10-15 minutes or so later, we had rounded up CM and were on our way home. A few minutes after we got on the road, I turned on the radio. It was already tuned to WMGN, Magic 98 from when JL had driven to the game, and I'll be darned if "Every Little Kiss" by Bruce Hornsby et al wasn't playing! I kind of startled everyone in the car when I first heard it and let out a shout, because I initially thought it was "Mandolin Rain," but I was none too disappointed when I found out it was a different BH song! That's still very cool!



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