'Thir(t)13(e)en' Connection(s)

Tonight, when we turned on the TV to watch Ghost Hunters on Sci-Fi Network, it wasn't on yet. They were in the middle of playing "Thir13en Ghosts," so we watched the end of that. Then, later on, when I sat down at the puter and started iTunes to look at my Library, I happened to catch a glimpse of a song, "Thir13teen" by Type O Negative. Add to this the interesting fact that, prior to tonight's post, I have published 13 observations/connections posts, (not counting my Welcome, which wasn't really an observation/connection post). (Admittedly, this would be much more cool if this post actually was the 13th post.)

Hmmm... It's a good thing I'm not paraskevidekatriaphobic!


Blogger Gertie said...

I hear you are coming out Friday!!! Can't wait to see you!


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