'T-shirt' Connections, (or '"T" for Two...')

Last week Thursday, I was walking up from our "computer lab" at work to our main building - a distance of half a mile or so. While making that trek, I saw a woman I know who is a teacher at the day care I used to go to. She was walking my way. When she saw me, we waved and stopped briefly to chat. I then noticed her shirt and was amazed to see it said "Arizona" across the top of it. What made this amazing, (to me, at least - I don't think she was that impressed), was the fact that I had picked out and worn my own Arizona T-shirt that morning; a shirt I hadn't worn in probably a year or so, evidenced by the fact that a co-worker, CL, joked with me about getting a "new shirt" when I got to the main building a few minutes later.

Then, on Friday, mjl was cleaning up some old pictures on her computer and laughing at them while I was on the phone. She relented to "show" a couple of them to me. They were of a bureau Christmas party at work from Christmas, 2002. It was an interesting one, (actually, the last bureau Christmas party we had at this stinkin' Hell-hole -- but I digress...). There was Karaoke and faerie dust, (story for another time), a-plenty. She also had a picture I was in from the next day. Once again, I was quite bemused to find that I had worn my "Many Faces of SpongeBob..." T-shirt on that "day after"; again, the very shirt I had picked out and worn that Friday. And again, it had probably been months, (half a year or more), since I had last worn that shirt.



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