Two in One Night....Sorta

There have been tons of "occurrences" for me to blog about since Kartunes started this blog. Some he managed to get on here, many have been lost. So that is why I convinced him to add me and others to be able to post here. And of course that meant that nothing blog worthy would happen to me that would be worthy to post....until Saturday.

My wife and I were invited to a post Badger game cookout at her cousin's place. Her cousin is going to get married in 3 weeks and they were talking about wedding stuff while I watched some college football. Her cousin said that my wife was walking with "Jeff" (We'll call him that for this story) and that it was my wife's responsibilty to keep him out of trouble. Then right at that moment, a cell phone rang that was sitting on the arm of the chair by my wife...and wouldn't you know it, it was Jeff.

The second happen just moments before I started writing this, but still connected to last night. At one point in the various conversations of the night, the topic come up about the movie City of Angels. And tonight after my wife left for work I decided to check out what movies were on. And yup, you guess it, C0A was on.

So thats my first post on Boundaries....I'm sure more is to come.


Blogger Kari said...

I sure wish I was added to this blog, so I could tell the story about the cell phone, since it happened to ME. I'm just sayin...


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