'Wizard of Oz' Redux

Related to the 'Wizard of Oz' Experience from the other night. I just want to add that my kids and I had been watching an episode of Martin Mystery that night called, Nightmare of the Coven, in which Diana winds up dousing the lead witch with a fire hose, causing her to melt. She says, "it worked in The Wizard of Oz." Well, this was at 9:00 PM that this episode aired. About 9:45, JL had suggested that we watch Wizard since we hadn't seen it for a while. I later realized the connection, but didn't get to ask her about it until the next day. She's not one for cartoons, however, so she didn't remember whether or not she'd heard them talk about it on Martin Mystery. I suspect she probably did, but am not 100% sure of it...

Well, I'll tell myself (and you) that she didn't, and that it was a legitimately interesting connection.


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