'Ashley/Cat' Connections

Interesting on the Ashley Furniture connection below, Kari. Now prepare to be even more impressed with what i have to add.

I took off work today. It was not a good day. I had to take my last remaining cat, (from the original 3 that we acquired around almost the exact same time 18 years ago), in to the vet to have her put to sleep. It was just her time. Her quality of life just hasn't been there, if you know what I mean. Yes, I was sad and all. I thank you in advance for your sympathies. But the main point of the story is, of course, her name: Ashley.

Also, (a much more trivial connection), on the way there, I passed an intersecting street that I've never noticed before. It was called Morris Ct. Get it? As in Morris the Cat? ...and I was taking my cat into the vet? -- Yeah, I told you it was pretty trivial.

  • Taking my cat, Ashley, to the vet for the last time as friends are marvelling at their own Ashley Furniture connection
  • Driving with my cat in my car and noticing a cat-related cross street for the first time

    Blogger The Donald said...

    Oh great father of felines. Last weekend at our dear friends going away party, the movie Deliverance came up in a conversation. Well odly enough, the next day, my wife found the movie, just by chance, and we watched it from the beginning. Odd? I think so, since that movie isn't played as regularly as some on tv these days.

    The Donald

    Blogger Kari said...

    is that THE cat? do you get your bedroom back?

    Blogger KarTunes said...

    Don: you're a "contributor" to this blog. That would have made a fine post, rather than simply a comment.

    Kari: yes, that was THE cat. Have our bedroom back? No, not really. J tore up the carpet and removed the bed. What's in there now? The Total Gym. We're still sleeping in the living room...


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