'Question of the Day' Connection

OK, I've got some things to put in here quick just to get them documented. I hope to fill in more detail later...

This past Wednesday, I posted a "question of the day" on my other blog. I made a special point of calling it my "question of the day." Something I've never done before. A little over 4 hours later, I received a call from one of our regional support staff telling me that she had the "question of the day" for me. I can't tell you the last time anyone has ever said anything like that to me. And I'm sure there is no way that she had any knowledge of my blog in general, much less that particular post.

  • "Question of the Day" term used by/to me twice in 4 hours, in two different situations

  • UPDATE(s):
    • 20061205 - Hmmm... I was off from work yesterday, using up some vacation before I lose it at the end of the year. But in my absence, a friend of mine at work sent me a work-related e-mail about policies in place regarding turning off PCs at the end of the night. It wasn't the body of the e-mail that made this interesting, however. No, it was the subject: "Question of the day." She sent this 5 days after the previous 'Connection,' and she also has no knowledge of this blog.

      Ya' gotta love it!


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