'181' Connection

OK, I've got some things to put in here quick just to get them documented. I hope to fill in more detail later...

Last Saturday, JL and I went to HoChunk for some Blackjack after hitting Wollersheim Winery for a case (or so) of wine. While at HoChunk, I played my (relatively) new favorite, "pitch variant" Blackjack. I wound up coming out ahead $181 after an hour and a half or so of playing. We left around 5:00, after a small run of mine had ended with a loss. It was around the time we needed to leave, and I wanted to quit while I was ahead. We got to the car and headed for the highway back home. When we hit the highway, I looked at the "average MPG" display on our new leased Ford Fusion and saw that we were averaging 18.1 MPG.

  • $181 dollars won playing Blackjack, 18.1 MPG average in my car when leaving the casino

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