'Master Blaster' Connection

As mentioned on my other blog, we went to Kalahari this past Friday night. We spent the evening at the water park, and then a good deal of Saturday morning and afternoon as well. One of the water slides was called "Master Blaster." It was a roller coaster-like water slide that shot the tube you were riding up and down hills at high speeds with jets of water. It was one of the best attractions at the water park.

When we got home Saturday night, the kids watched some Ned's Declassified. One of the episodes was about embarassment. I didn't get to watch the whole thing, but I know that at one point, Ned must've farted. Then, I heard them referring to a particular type of fart known as...what else? The "Master Blaster."

  • Two different references to "Master Blaster" in two days

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