Chipmunks/Randy Quaid Connection

Saturday night, we flip on the start of SNL, their Christmas show. Justin Timberlake is the musical guest/host, and he is singing The Chipmunks Christmas Song with, of course, The Chipmunks.
Fast forward to Sunday evening...we put in the movie The Ice Harvest with John Cusack (Randy Quaid also has a part). It happens to take place on Christmas Eve. At one point in the movie, The Chipmunks Christmas Song is playing on John Cusack's stereo.
That movie is over...and we're flipping channels. Ah, I've never seen Nat'l Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, so we turn that on. Who is in that movie? None other than Randy Quaid.
It's like 6 degrees of The Chipmunks or something...


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