The Downtown Connection

While watching Lost last night, a commercial for Visa with the song "Downtown" by Petula Clark came on. My wife and I were talking about the song, and I mentioned that there was a funny bit on Seinfeld about that song (Everything has a tie to Seinfeld). And I commented at the time about how I could post about it on this blog if it came on.

After Lost I totally forgot to check the night's eipsode. When I got home from work today, Seinfeld was on and I mentioned to my wife that I forgot to see if the "Downtown" episode was on the night before. Sure enough , the episode The Bottle Deposit was currently on.

As a nice little extra bonus connection, during a commercial break of the Downtown episode, I couldn't remember what the commercial was selling, so we went into the other room to look it up on the internet. Right as the wiki page came up for the song "Downtown", we could hear that commercial on the TV in the other room.

And for a third, weaker connection, the Wiki page also had a listing for the song in this year's season premiere of Lost, the show(not the episode) we were watching that started it all.


You're So Glib

I was watching an episode of Dawson's Creek, and Joey (Katie Holmes) calls her college tour guide glib. The episode aired in 1999.

Fast forward to June 2005. Tom Cruise (Katie Holmes' then-fiance, now-husband) gets into an argument with Matt Lauer, and calls him glib.

I think those are the only two times I've ever heard the word used.