'Broken Foream Gag' Connection

You know that thing that people do with their arm sometimes, to make it appear "broken?" Where you stick an arm straight out to the side at the shoulder, then let it hang straight down loosely at the elbow? Then hit the hand with the other hand and let the forearm swing back and forth, or all the way around, as if there is no resistance? (If you don't know...ask me some time, and perhaps I'll show you.) So when was the last time you did that, or saw someone do it? It's probably been a while, right?

Well tonight, when my daughters were playing in their room, I went in to check on them. My youngest was standing on the bunk bed ladder when she slipped off. She said she was alright, (as she lay on the ground), but that her arm hurt a little. She then stood up and did that very trick with her arm. (Mind you, she's only 4½ years old.)

Then later on that evening, we were watching a movie I had picked out, My Favorite Brunette, starring Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour. In one part of the movie, after Hope's character gets handled a little roughly by Lon Chaney, Jr.'s character, Hope does the exact same thing!

Now add to this the fact that a couple of us did this just this past week at work!

Interesting, hmmm?


'grimone' Connection

A couple days ago I was talking to mjl on the phone at work. I was just starting to tell her that I had grabbed an old 21" monitor from grimone's cube to replace my own that had died when my cell phone rang. Guess who... That's right, grimone himself.

(Similar to another post from a couple weeks ago by KU.)


Another try

Last week, D and I were talking about something, and I said I want to go to Italy. I think we decided our 10 year anniversary or something like that. I've always thought Italy would be a great place to visit.

Tonight, I took a survey/quiz. My answers indicate:

You Belong in Rome

You're a big city girl with a small town heart

Which is why you're attracted to the romance of Rome

Strolling down picture perfect streets, cappuccino in hand

And gorgeous Italian men - could life get any better?

'Van Gogh+' Connection

Went to CM's "Back-to-School Night" at his school this evening. While in his Engineering class, I noticed a picture on the wall of the Vincent Van Gogh self portrait pictured at the right. Later that night, while watching Unwrapped on Food Network, they had a preview of an upcoming segment where someone made "edible art," (or something like that), and one of the examples they showed...? That same picture!
Then, even more interesting, (to me...): later on, when we all settled down to watch some Dick Van Dyke episodes. Specifically, No Rice at My Wedding, and Draw Me a Pear.

In "No Rice at My Wedding," Clark Rice brings Laura back to the USO Girls Sitting room, and we see a painting, (bordered in red at left), by another famous artist from around that period. (Darned if I can't remember who that artist was. Was it Lautrec? Renoir? Manet? I don't believe it was Van Gogh or Monet... Can anyone help me out here?)
Then, finally, the "Draw Me a Pear" episode is about none other than Rob and Laura attending art/painting classes.


Too far fetched?

My friend, D, who lives in New York, grew up loving the music of Madonna.

Fast-forward a few years (to this past Thursday night)...she got engaged to a man with the last name of Ciccone.

That's Madonna's last name.

...hope that was ok for my first post. They'll get better, I promise.


Otis Redding Connection

So it's Friday night and the wife and I are watching some TV. Flipping through the channels I get to Road House. It just started so I decided to keep it on the channel. When Patrick Swayze and Kelly Lynch have sex for the first time, Mr. Swayze turns the radio on and These Arms of Mine by Otis Redding is playing. Best wife ever commented that this song was in Dirty Dancing, also with Patrick Swayze.

Now maybe that could be enough for an entry into this blog, but then an additional connection happened.

Tonight while watching TV nothing was on so I popped in the next disc for season 2 of Lost. We have been watching season 2 on DVD trying to catch up for the premiere of Season 3 on Oct 4th. So the episode we started watching is called S.O.S where the background story of two lesser characters so far is revealed. In their flashback Rose is stranded in snow and Bernard helps get her car out. The song on the radio in her car is faint, but is definately "These Arms of Mine". The song also appears later in the episode.


'Skee-ball' Connection

Yesterday at work, The Donald and I were in a meeting together. Quite uncharacteristically, (HA!), he began to doodle. (Heh heh.) Anyway, I was seeing the early stages of his artwork and had a theory on what it was going to be. I looked at him inquiringly, and he quickly completed the sketch. I was incorrect in what I thought, but I wrote it on his page right above the picture: "Skee-ball". A minor discussion ensued, the details of which are not relevant to this post. However, later on that evening, I was watching an episode of Futurama on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. In one part of the episode, (entitled "Three Hundred Big Boys"), Kif tells Amy that he had spent part of his $300 refund on a present for her. After she opens it, the talking tattoo she had acquired with her own refund says, "Oooh! Looks like someone won big at Skee-ball!", (rough quote).

All this, and the meeting had continued on in the background...


'55' Connection

This morning, I biked in to work because it's KU's day at the evil office. When I bike, I bring the iPod to listen to. CM had told me that he had put some new stuff on it recently after going to a friend's house. Well, when I was was riding in this morning, I heard one of the new ones called "Schfifty Five" (55) by Group X. Slightly amusing, I guess, from what I could tell, but that's not the reason for mentioning it. No, the reason I bring it up is because I happened to notice tonight that my Profile views had finally changed from 32 to...what else?...55.

(See my other post.)


Ballgame Tickets Connection

Last night I took wuttruth to the Brewers game with free tickets from another friend. I was supposed to pick the tickets up at will call. Wuttruth's brother called him and was also at the game and happened to have 2 extra tickets. We were going to turn him down but decided we should get the original tickets and see if they were first row or something. Getting to Will call they didn't have any tickets under my name. So what are the odds of that?

Math Quiz (Connection)

OK, a quick one:

Fill in the blanks: 1, 2, 4, 8,      ,      ,      .

If you said: 16, 32, 64, then you are absolutely correct.

OK, now what makes this cool is that I was just writing out this sequence today with The Donald when discussing something at work. That exact same sequence:

1, 2, 4, 8, 16, ...


20, 21, 22, 23, 24, ...

Then I get home tonight and see that above "fill in the blank" question on my 6th grade daughter's homework for the evening.

'Rice Krispies' Connection

Earlier tonight, JL was telling BP about an upcoming episode of Food Network's Challenge show, in which the contestants' "challenge" is to build things with Rice Krispie treats. Then later, (10:30 PM), I was watching an episode of Family Guy on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, in which Cleveland receives reparations from a white family for crimes against his ancestors. Now the family is poor white trash, however, so they give him what they can afford: homemade Rice Krispie treats.

A further point of interest. As the Charter On Demand menu which had been up on my TV just now, slowly started exiting out to previous menus, and then finally back to the channel that had been on, it exited out to none other than that very episode of Family Guy. That's not a huge deal, however, since many of these stations replay earlier episodes later on in the evening, but still pretty cool. In fact, that part of the episode is on at this very second as I type, (2:12 AM): "this tray of scrumptious Rice Krispie treats."

'Wizard of Oz' Redux

Related to the 'Wizard of Oz' Experience from the other night. I just want to add that my kids and I had been watching an episode of Martin Mystery that night called, Nightmare of the Coven, in which Diana winds up dousing the lead witch with a fire hose, causing her to melt. She says, "it worked in The Wizard of Oz." Well, this was at 9:00 PM that this episode aired. About 9:45, JL had suggested that we watch Wizard since we hadn't seen it for a while. I later realized the connection, but didn't get to ask her about it until the next day. She's not one for cartoons, however, so she didn't remember whether or not she'd heard them talk about it on Martin Mystery. I suspect she probably did, but am not 100% sure of it...

Well, I'll tell myself (and you) that she didn't, and that it was a legitimately interesting connection.


Two in One Night....Sorta

There have been tons of "occurrences" for me to blog about since Kartunes started this blog. Some he managed to get on here, many have been lost. So that is why I convinced him to add me and others to be able to post here. And of course that meant that nothing blog worthy would happen to me that would be worthy to post....until Saturday.

My wife and I were invited to a post Badger game cookout at her cousin's place. Her cousin is going to get married in 3 weeks and they were talking about wedding stuff while I watched some college football. Her cousin said that my wife was walking with "Jeff" (We'll call him that for this story) and that it was my wife's responsibilty to keep him out of trouble. Then right at that moment, a cell phone rang that was sitting on the arm of the chair by my wife...and wouldn't you know it, it was Jeff.

The second happen just moments before I started writing this, but still connected to last night. At one point in the various conversations of the night, the topic come up about the movie City of Angels. And tonight after my wife left for work I decided to check out what movies were on. And yup, you guess it, C0A was on.

So thats my first post on Boundaries....I'm sure more is to come.

'Wizard of Oz' Experience

I watched The Wizard of Oz tonight with the kids. I was talking with BP about how Frank Morgan actually played a bunch of roles in the movie when I decided to get the laptop and IMDb it. When the movie was done, I still had IMDb up, so I looked at the full credits. Talk about a list that goes on and on...! As I looked at the list I began to wonder about all these people. If any of them were still around, whether or not they'd been in anything else besides "Wizard," etc. I finally stopped scrolling about halfway down the list and decided to pick a random name. I chose Lois January, credited on IMDb as "Woman Holding Cat in Emerald City/Manicurist." Imagine my surprise when I discovered that she just died, a little over a month ago! What are the odds that I would click on one name out of a list of 196 cast members from a 1939 production and find someone who will still alive until just a month ago? Well, you could find out those odds if you wanted to go through all 196 names and find out when they died, but I don't want to do that. I'll just be happy with my "experience" here.


The question...

...Why? Just Why?...


Welcome To My New Team Members

I would like to formally welcome my newest team members to the blog; those that have already accepted the invitation, (KingUnbeliever and Robguy), and those for whom I am still waiting, (Mandiejolander and The Donald). I trust that they will have plenty of interesting stories and observations to add to this blog!

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