'Vegas/Excalibur' Connection

(Originally drafted 10/28/2006 @ 03:08 AM, but since Blogger seemed to be having problems for much of the weekend, you get it now, 2 days later...)

Thursday night I dealt Blackjack at a last minute event for the company I periodically work for. It was a catered event, as they typically are. At one point, a woman at my table stood up and said, "I'm going to go get a cookie." She then asked, "Do they say that in Vegas? 'I'm going to go get a cookie?'"

I told her, "No. They usually say "I'm going to go get a beer,' or 'I'm going to go see the dancing girls,' or 'I'm going to go watch the Thunder From Down Under.'"

"What's that?" asked the woman.

"It's a group of Australian male strippers," answered a friend of hers at the table. "They were there when I was in Vegas staying at Excalibur."

"Really?" I questioned, "they were there when I stayed at Excalibur too. When were you there?"

"About 2 years ago," she answered.

"Wow, so I was I," I boggled.

  • A woman at my Blackjack table and I had been in the same city, in the same hotel at around the same time
  • 'Honey-Bun...' Connection

    (Originally drafted 10/28/2006 @ 02:23 AM, but since Blogger seemed to be having problems for much of the weekend, you get it now, 2 days later...)

    Went out for lunch today, (taped another episode), with KU and RG. TD and "Pete," (sorry...no blog, that he'll admit to...), weren't able to come in to work, or join us for lunch today. However, their roles were filled quite capably by Kari and GO, (I know...his blog's not much better off than Pete, with nothing).

    Near the end of lunch, we were asking RG about his doggie that had not been feeling well last week. He told us that the little guy was doing much better and explained to us that this particular pooch was nicknamed his "Honey-Bunny." (Yeah, I know...but that's RG for you.)

    When I got home this evening, I was playing some Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Game Cube with my youngest. When we started the game, the character that greeted us, (it's often different), was a little bunny named Gabi that called us "honeybun."

  • Use of the term "honeybun(ny)"
  • 'Commode' Connection

    (Originally drafted 10/28/2006 @ 02:10 AM, but since Blogger seemed to be having problems for much of the weekend, you get it now, 2 days later...)

    We've been having some problems at home lately with the upstairs toilet leaking in the back of the tank. So this morning I received the following e-mail at work from JL:
    Do you want to go buy a new toilet tonight, so we can try installing it tomorrow.
    Or do you want me to go get one today? Or not at all?

    I replied:
    Let's talk about it when I get home. Perhaps we can go find just the right commode together.

    Then tonight, I was flipping through the channels and came upon some show on HGTV where the host said something about an upcoming segment where they would look at commodes.

    Admit it: it's not a word you hear all the time. At least not in my part of the world. But then to hear it twice in one day?

  • Use of the word "commode"
  • 20061029

    Neil Simon Connection

    I was away this weekend with my wife to a Packer game. We stayed overnight last night at a hotel. This morning while getting ready to leave to the game, we had the TV on. On it was a news piece about Neil Simon and his history in show biz.

    Tonight after getting home we were watching TV. Seinfeld came on and it was the episode "The Letter" where Jerry breaks up with his artist girlfriend, but gets back together with her after receiving a letter from her. Her letter is actually copied parts of Neil Simons "Chapter 2" and Jerry busts her in the end.


    More Movie/TV Connections

    Tonight, we watched Law & Order: SVU, (co-)starring, (among other people), B.D. Wong. I don't watch it often, but if JL turns it on and I'm around, I'll watch it. Tonight's episode was one entitled Influence, where a girl is found to suffer from Bipolar Disorder. Later, her parents explain that they knew she took her medicine regularly, because they used to count her pills to make sure. (Still later, they use that same technique in determining that she is not taking her meds.)

    Later on, I watched Stay, starring Ewan McGregor. In one scene of the movie, he is checking up on his girlfriend, who had previously attempted suicide, making sure she was taking her medicine by counting her pills. Wow! Oh, and who is that in a number of scenes of the movie? None other than Mr. B.D. Wong himself.

  • Counting pills to check up on people,
  • B.D. Wong
  • 20061023

    Various Movie Connections

    Tonight I watched A History of Violence, followed by Enemy of the State, both OnDemand. (Don't know why that "OnDemand" link stopped getting me to the right place now. It did before. WTG, Charter!) In AHoV, I noticed in the closing credits that one of the "stunt guys" was named Bryan Thomas. Then, in EotS, Jon Voight plays a character named Thomas Brian Reynolds. Get it? What made this particularly interesting to me is that...well, those that know me can figure it out.

    Then, in AHoV, Viggo Mortensen plays a character named Tom Stall. And in the end of EotS, when Jack Black and Jamie Kennedy are being questioned by enforcement types, some enforcement types watching it all through a two-way mirror ruminate as to why they are "stalling."


    'Bridgette Wilson' Connection

    Not a huge connection, but interesting...

    Last night, the family watched Adam Sandler in Billy Madison OnDemand. (Don't get me started on how many times we had to "retry" after receiving the famous Charter E5218 error!) Anyway, the movie co-starred Bridgette Wilson as Sandler's 3rd grade teacher and subsequent love interest. Then tonight, I watched Steve Martin's Shopgirl, in which I, once again, spotted Mrs. Wilson(-Sampras).

    That is all...


    'Stay' Connection

    I was talking to mjl this afternoon about movies and she asked if I'd ever finally seen one that I had recommended to her some time ago based solely on a preview I had seen. The answer was "no." I told her I really haven't been renting anything lately, and that I had to wait for movies to come to the OnDemand channels. Then, tonight, as I was watching one of the Cinemax channels in the 500's, I saw it: a preview for Stay, the very movie that I had recommended to her.


    'Insanity' Connection

    Last Wednesday, the 4th, shortly after the events that prompted KU to post a couple entries, he and I went to stretch our legs and buy a soda from the vending machines. I inserted my dollar bill into the bill slot and then dropped my quarter into the coin slot. (Yes, $1.25 for a 20 oz. soda. I know I'm an idiot.) No luck. My quarter was spit back out into the coin return. Hmmm... So, I tried again. Still no-go. Again? Nope. Once more? Zip. This time for sure. Nada. Grrr...!

    "Isn't that the definition of insanity?" asked KU, ever helpful. "Trying the exact same thing over and over again, expecting something different to happen?"

    "Ha ha," I retorted, "very funny. Didn't we just talk about that?"

    "No," he replied.

    "Oh wait," I amended. "I know what it was! I heard that very same definition on the Bob & Tom Show this morning!"

    I don't know when the last time I heard that definition/quote was, (if ever). Then to hear it twice in one day. Add to this the fact that I never listen to Bob & Tom, but just happened to have heard it that morning because I was home a little bit later in the morning and my Wife was listening to it.



    'Lola' Connection

    Went to Halloween Express today with the wife and girls. While there we saw a Yoda mask. BP said, "'Weird Al' does a song about Yoda, Dad." I said, "I know. It's based on a song called 'Lola.'" After Halloween Express, we walked to Menards for a little bit. When we got out of Menards and got back to the car, I started it up to find "Lola," by The Kinks playing. (I'd had 105.1 Charlie FM tuned in on the radio.)


    Is that what I think it is?

    I used to own a 1996 Red Toyota Tacoma 4x4 Regular Cab. Ok, I didn't own it, I leased it. But it was my favorite vehicle EVER. I traded it in 1999 (For a Rav4) and it's really the only regret I have as far as vehicles go.
    There are a lot of Tacomas on the road, but I haven't seen a red, 4x4, regular cab in AGES. They're all extended cabs or 2x4.
    Until tonight, on our way home from my cousin's wedding rehearsal. It had a sticker on the back window.

    I went to a Styx concert when I drove that truck.



    "No Account" Connection

    Today I had someone from work come with me when I was getting comics. On our way there he lets me know that he'll need to stop at an ATM before we get there because he doesn't have any money. So I stop at a bank, which was the first place with a sign for an ATM. We get to the ATM and it isn't giving him any money, so he wants to go inside. He starts filling out a withdrawl form and I joke with him about withdrawing money out of this bank without having an account. He lets me know that he has an account with this bank, but one that he doesn't use often after changing banks.

    So we go up to the counter and the teller is typing stuff in and getting a confused look. She lets us know that she needs to make a call because of a weird error message she is seeing. We ask what it is and it is a closed account message. The person on the other end of the phone says she can ignore it and give him the money.

    So this was a double connection. Not only did he have an account at the random bank I stopped at, after I made fun of him taking money out without an account the computers seemed to think that was the case

    Additional note: By the way he took out $40 dollars and when he got his receipt he saw that the balance was "-$1.48", so he had to put back in $20 of that. Wouldn't you think that a teller would let you know you were over withdrawing before giving you the money? Maybe that is why he left that bank.....

    Mountain Dew Connection

    I used to drink Mountain Dew before I went on a diet last year. After a couple months without it I couldn't even take a drink of Mountain Dew as it became too strong. Last Thursday I was getting a soda from the vending machine before a meeting and I went to hit #45 on the machine to get a Diet Pepsi but I didn't hit the 5 square on and it slipped onto 4 which 44 was a Mountain Dew. So I took it into the meeting as I didn't have any more change.

    Friday comes around and I am in Iowa running a Star Wars game a Fields of Honor. As part of the reward for running a game, the convention gives each Judge 2 free items from the snack bar. We had 4 judges on our game so one of them just took all 8 tickets and got 4 drinks and 4 snack foods and brought it around in a bag. When he got to me all that was left was a Mountain Dew to drink.

    So I had 2 Mountain Dews in 2 days both not of my choice after nearly 16 months of not having one.


    Elmo *Shudder* Connection

    So on my blog I linked a story detailing a new line of Xbox games featuring The King from Burger King. In the intro I said how Elmo and the King creep me out. Less than two hours later I go up with co-workers to get a soda from the cafeteria and there is a picture of Elmo ont he front page of the newspaper.

    So much for sleeping peacefully tonight....