'Burger King' Connection

Alright, this is pretty weak, but since it's been a while, I'll add it anyway.

This past weekend, I was watching late night TV with the kids. During a commercial, one of those ridiculous Subway commercials with Jon Lovitz came on, ("Eat frrresh"? WTF is that?!? The way he rolls his "r"s, it sounds more like he's saying "eat flesh!" Little subliminal message there?).

Anyway, I changed it as BP was saying, "two commercials I don't like are the Jon Lovitz subway commercials and the Eggo Waffle commercials."

I asked, "you mean the ones with the little waffle guys in red tights running around?"

"Yes, those ones," she responded.

"But of course I know you love the 'Burger King' commercials with the Freaky King," I joked. (I know she doesn't like those, but I sure do!)

So, as I continued to channel surf while waiting for the Subway commercial to end, we came upon a show on VH1 called Supergroup. (No comments on how crappy the show probably was, no matter who they got to star on the thing.)
So someone, (not one of the musicians, apparently), had on a T-shirt with the old Burger King logo, only instead of "Burger King," it said "Buried Alive." (I think that's a band or something? Um...hint: don't do Google searches for the phrase "buried alive" - even if you include "Burger King" and "t-shirt". 'Nuff said.)>
Ya' see? I told you it was weak.


'The Doors' Connection

One day last week, as hAd and I were walking through the building we're in part time, past all the staff that were packing up their schtuff for their impending move, I started singing. (I do that sometimes.) The situation seemed so final, what with all the filled boxes and empty shelves and such, so I started singing The Doors' "The End," ("this is the end, my only friend the end"). This got me thinking, and I posed the question to "hAd": where would artists like Jim Morrison (& The Doors) and Jimi Hendrix be if they were alive today? Would they be playing halftime shows at the Super Bowl?

Well shortly thereafter, we got out to the parking lot and into his truck to drive up to our other building. A minute or so after getting in, he turned up the volume on his radio to hear Mr. Morrison crooning "mister mojo risin" from "L.A. Woman" on a local radio station.


'Headstones' Connection

Man! Why does this stuff always happen? Does it happen to you too? Or is it just me?

I just posted on "MRBlog" about half an hour ago or so while watching an episode of John Doe on Sci-Fi Network. The post was about headstones. Then, at the end of John Doe, he goes to visit the grave site and headstone of a woman who he feels may be his mother. The camera shows you the name, dates, and inscription on the headstone. The woman's name was Elizabeth Menzogna. The name isn't important. I just mention it in case it helps anyone remember the episode.

Pretty interesting, huh?

And to think, I was going to post a relevant quote from one of the characters in the episode, but had decided against it because I didn't think I had the quote 100% correct. But now, I feel I must. It's from Karen Kawalski who said something to John to the effect of, "the only reason I haven't scat out of here screaming bloody murder is because all this weirdness has to make sense."

So does it? Does it make sense? Does it have to? No, I'm not talking about John Doe. Well, sense or no, I'll keep posting 'em as I see 'em. I hope they mean something to others besides myself.


'Banks' Connection

Hmmm...interesting. After that last post, I decided to click on the "Next Blog »" button above and see, and hopefully comment on, a random blog. This is something I have been trying to do lately, ever since my blog was "discovered" in this manner by business voodoo. At any rate, the first random blog I found were some less than coherent thoughts that seemed difficult to comment on. The second one was in all Italian. Even more difficult for me to comment on. Finally, the third belonged to a Mr. Henri Banks in Germany. Banks. Tom Hanks', (rhymes with Banks), character's name in Joe v. Volcano? Joe Banks.


'Ukulele' Connection

Tonight I watched "Joe Versus the Volcano," (1990), On Demand. Joe's ukulele had a recurring presence in the movie. Then, when the movie ended, I turned on Nick@Nite to find a 1997 episode of "Roseanne" on, (big shock there). But the point I'm making is that at the end of the show, David is taking ukulele lessons from Tiny Tim.

How often do you see ukuleles period? Then twice in one night, on two different shows?


'Sevendust' Connection

J and I went out to eat Friday night for Friday fish fry. It was pretty crowded. While waiting for a table, I kept singing bits of Sevendust's "Failure," which I must have heard on the radio at some point during the day. Perhaps even while driving to dinner. Well, when dinner was done, we left the restaurant, (some 2 hours later), walked to the truck, got in and started it up, and "Failure" was on the radio.



'Outer Limits' Experience

After watching The Twilight Zone tonight, The Outer Limits was up next. When the episode first began, I saw Wil Wheaton. I then saw another guy, who reminded me of Robert Patrick, though it wasn't him. (Still, I thought to myself, "I wonder if Robert Patrick is in this episode." I don't know why, I just did.) Then, I think I saw a 3rd guy, and perhaps back to Wil Wheaton. A few seconds later, I saw him: Robert Patrick. Had I seen his name in opening credits? Nope, they followed a couple minutes later. Had the camera actually shown him before I thought of him? I don't believe so. Had I seen that episode before and was just remembering him subconsciously? Well, that's a possibility, but I don't recall seeing it before.

At any rate...hmmm...

'Jimmie Walker' Connection

I was watching The Twilight Zone tonight on Sci-Fi Network, (ch. 51). During a commercial, I turned on Game Show Network (ch. 52) and saw some Street Smarts, with Erin Moran and Jimmie Walker as contestants. I turned back Sci-Fi Network to see if the show was back on. They were still in commercial. I then turned on TV Land, (ch. 50), and saw J.J., (Jimmie Walker), on Good Times. Mildly interesting, but nothing too impressive. Also, there seems to be a Good Times marathon running, so perhaps that "skewed" the odds slightly :P .


Cool Days

I just had to comment that there were a couple cool days/times this week.

  • Thursday at 03:02:01 AM, (and again 12 hours later), was 05/04 03:02:01, (5-4-3-2-1), or (20)06/05/04 03:02:01, (6-5-4-3-2-1), if you put the year digits first, as I typically do, since it sorts so much nicer

  • Friday at 05:05:05 AM, (and again, 12 hours later), was 05/05 05:05:05, (five 5s)
I find stuff like that pretty interesting.


'Black Eyed Peas' Connection

I was listening to music at one point at work today when robguy came up to chat. He started reciting lyrics and then poses a question something like, "why would he want to call his bodyguard Betty?" I asked, "are you talking about the Paul Simon song?" He said, "yes." "I don't pay attention to lyrics that much, but perhaps I should," I responded. "Yes, or then there are those that just make words up, like 'ices'," ("My Humps" by The Black Eyed Peas).

At this time, I was listening to "Long, Long Way From Home" by Foreigner. A few seconds later, robguy left to go up to the cafeteria.

The next song was "Little Paradise" by Pat Benatar.

...and the very next song was...? (I hope you've guessed it...) "My Humps" by The Black Eyed Peas.

Not impressed? Well, consider the fact that this was a playlist of nearly 5,800 songs on shuffle, (or random).

Well, I say, hmmm...

'Seinfeld' Connection

Drinking coffee today, we were talking a little politics. Like about former President Clinton's definition of "sexual relations."
    hcff said, "it's like Seinfeld, when George says he's not comitting adultery because he's not married."

    I asked, "you mean the one with the hit and run, and Kramer's Mary Hart seizures, and the 'you're sooo good looking' sneeze response?"

    He responded, "yes."

    I asked, "do you have any idea that that episode was on last night?!?"

    "No," he replied.
...but it had been...


'Post' Connection(s)

Tonight, as I sit here "post"-ing on "blogspot," ("spot," an anagram for "post"), I reflect on goings-on during and since tonight's foray into the horse-racing event mentioned previously. The event was a disaster, and the videotaped horses never made it to post, but that's a story for another time and place. So when I got home, I watched some TV. At a commercial, I ran to get a bowl of cereal, grabbing the Post "Honey Bunches of Oats." While I was out in the kitchen pouring my bowl, a commercial came on the TV for none other than "Honey Bunches of Oats."

I know what you're saying, people, but believe me: every word of it is true!

Now pardon me whilst I click on my "[ Publish Post ]" button...


  • "...as I sit here 'post'-ing..." - To send (an electronic message) to a newsgroup: posted a response to a question about car engines, from dictionary.com.
  • "...the videotaped horses never made it to 'post'..." - 1) Starting point for a race. 2) An abbreviated version of post position. For example, "He drew post four". 3) As a verb, to record a win, from ildado.com.

'Horse Racing' Connection

As mentioned previously, I had another Casino Night event this weekend, Saturday. But the thing was, I had requested both Saturday's event as well as Sunday's. However, the initial reply to my requests was that they had all the staff they needed for Saturday, but Sunday was a lock. A couple days later, however, I received an e-mail indicating that they had a cancellation for Saturday, so I could work then as well. By the time I responded to the e-mail, it had been filled, but a little bit later, another cancellation provided me with the opportunity yet again. This time, I was confirmed. Then, at the end of Saturday's event, Sunday's was cancelled due to inclement weather. (Are you following so far?) So why was I there? Why did I get that opporunity to work Saturday after all? Possibly so that they could tell me of another opportunity to work an event Monday night. An event that I had signed up for, but had been told again, that all spots were filled. But that Saturday, I found out there had been, yes, a cancellation. So, after the end of Saturday's event, a quick 20 minute training session later, and I was ready for Monday's event: a series of video-taped horse races where the event participants are able to make bets. My first such event. So far now, I've dealt Blackjack, Poker, Slots, even worked the "Bounce" at an outdoor carnival for this company, but this will be my first "horse race" event.

So where am I going with this?

Tonight, on Sci-Fi Network, (yes, that station again), I watched an episode of John Doe. Apparently, it was a repeat of the series pilot, though I've never seen it before. It was my first time watching the series, and it happened to be a replay of the first episode. Many firsts now. Anyway, early on in the episode, when John figures out his abilities, he scrounges up some change from phone booths and vending machines and heads...? That's right: to the race track. Horse races, to be precise.