'My Way Home' Connection

As mentioned here, I was watching Christmas Vacation tonight on TBS. At the part where Clark gives his boss a present, only to be told to "put it with the others," I was reminded of a particular episode of Scrubs. In this episode, My Way Home, Turk tries to bribe his way into an operation by giving Dr. Kelso a Dr. Kelso Bobble-head doll. Kelso winds up pointing to all the other doctors behind Turk, who had come there before him to do the same thing. (If you've seen both these scenes, you'll know what I mean.)

About an hour or so later, I watched three episodes of Scrubs on WGN, (and CW). One of the episodes, on WGN, was "My Way Home."

  • "My Way Home" episode: from memory to reality
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