Friends Connections

Was watching an episode of friends while at the hospital, and the inevitable commercials hit. The last commericial before the show comes back is a game for Nintendo DS. As that ends, a quick "This episode of Friends, brought to you by" intro comes on. The Friends logo is split up with the FRIE on the left of the cast while the NDS is on the right. There is the connection.

'Vincent Price' Connection

Last night I was watching Simpsons episodes with the family. The last episode we watched was Sunday, Cruddy Sunday. At the end of the episode, I discussed who some of the voices were, as I am prone to do. Fred Willard guest starred in this episode, but there was also a Vincent Price reference/character. My daughter BP asked me who Vincent Price was and I tried to explain. As it turns out, she remembered him from Edward Scissorhands.

Now here's the connection... After Simpsons episodes, I did various things around the house. When I was finally ready to go to sleep, I went to turn the TV off when what should I see playing but Dragonwyck, starring none other than Vincent Price.


Olivia D'Abo Connection

So I have finally got my blogger password reset thank to my wife. Yesterday I posted on my blog about watching Batman Beyond and being amazed at the list of people who contributed their voices to the show. I also listed all the names that I recognized.

Now a couple names I recognized were ones that maybe not everyone would recognize, (like Miguel Sandoval) or ones I did recognize but off the top of my head I couldn't remember what they were in. (specifically I thought of Olivia D'Abo) I promised myself that I would look some of those up at a later time.

Fast Forward to a few hours later and I decided to catch up on some shows on my DVR. Since I had three Eureka shows saved, I started watching those. At the start of the second show, who else is in it, but Olivia D'Abo, playing the ex-wife of the main character.

On a side note, I recognized Oliva D'Abo's name from Conan the Destroyer!